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Bandolier Accessories

I was just wondering, what exactly are those fun dangly accessories this guy’s got going on?


detail from “Militia Company of District VIII under the Command of Captain Roelof Bicker” by Bartholomeus van der Heist, 1643. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

And then, just a few rooms away, here’s what was hanging on the wall!


“Bandolier, with powder bottles and shot pouch” c.1600-1650.

Here’s what they had to say about it: “Hanging from this belt are twelve wooden containers, each with a charge for a single shot. The powder bottles were also called the Twelve Apostles. The muskateer wore the belt across his chest. He kept his lead shots in a separate leather pouch.”

Museum’s inclusion of costume accessories on display for the WIN!


Foldable Top Hat!

Also from the collection at Brede Værk (just north of Copenhagen) – a SIDE-FOLDING collapsible top hat! Has anybody seen one of these before? I’d love to know of others if you know of any collections that has one.


Black menswear in glass cases – the curse of people trying to photograph museums displays.

Lace Cravats

For those of you who liked the de Largillierre painting I posted a while ago, here are some real examples of that brief but interesting period (1670-1700) of scrumptiously lacy cravats.


Worn by the Duke of York (the future James II) at his wedding, 1673. Victoria & Albert Museum.


large-scale raised Venetian needle lace (with contemporary linen and ribbon), 1670-90, from the Bowes Museum, UK.

And here’s the full version of the painting I posted earlier:


Nicolas de Largillierre, “Portrait of a Gentleman” (Possibly Pierre van Schuppen). 1680, Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco.